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Episode 2 | Can You Sell On Social Media?

Updated: Apr 25, 2022


In This Episode You Will Discover:

  • The 3 most widely used social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, can be compared to the 3 major networks before the advent of cable TV.

  • Social media has personalization and interactive quality that doesn’t exist with TV.

  • People confuse activity with accomplishment when it comes to posting on social media.

  • It used to be that prospects would “Google” us, now they will look you up on social media.

  • The biggest question everyone has: What should my content be about?

  • The best way to look at it is by using content pillars. Consider the top 2-5 milestones that have to happen to take your prospect from their pain point to the desired outcome. Those are the content pillars to contain and focus your media. Within each pillar, write down 3-5 different tips that a person could use to improve their chances of winning in that particular pillar.

  • Break your content up into bite-sized, value-based videos that educate your audience without the expectation of return. One tip = one post, with adding how people can contact your business.

  • The more you put out, the more of an expert you become, and the more your audience will feel the need to reciprocate.

  • If you feel resistant to a show format, there are a number of ways to get content out, including audio or short phone videos.

  • Consistency over time will be your key to becoming the authority in your industry and converting to sales.

  • Don’t strive for perfection; getting started is more important than getting it perfect right away.

  • Using social media is a way to connect with your prospects like never before.

  • Social media is a way to stay in front of the 90% or more of your prospects who did not immediately buy from you but have shown interest.

  • When you think about the tips or hacks, assume people know nothing. Don’t overcomplicate it.

  • Have a set, realistic schedule for when to post your content, and stick to it.

  • The businesses that are taking off the most right now are the ones that understand how to exploit social media from a content and advertising standpoint.


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