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Episode 3 | Advanced Customer Development Strategies

Updated: Apr 25, 2022


In This Episode You Will Discover:

  • The Lost Art in Business: The way customers are handled today

  • How customers can buy more and refer more, if handled the right way

  • How people are taking their customers for granted, due to acquiring them easily via digital campaigns these days

  • Its far cheaper to sell to your existing customers than to acquire a new one

  • Importance of Customer Value and Experience

  • How do you stand out when selling a commodity

  • What’s the one big thing that you can do to ensure that every customer remembers you as a unique and fun experience

  • How to start from one thing for unique customer experience and do it well

  • How to humanize the customer experience and stepping out of the digital world

  • How to turn buyer’s remorse into buyer’s anticipation

  • To cover the window of downtime till your customer receives his purchase

  • Engaging your customers during the gap time with prerequisite work, announced bonus, etc.

  • How to maintain customer’s excitement during the delivery process

  • Covering the gap-time is essential for long-term retention, repeat buying and ultimately referral

  • How you can make the delivery box as your mini sales person

  • Every customer is a potential repeat customer and a potential referral

  • How to use social media for giving customer experience

  • Putting up benchmarks for customers experience and value


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