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Episode 6 | The 2x3 Selling Method

Updated: Apr 25, 2022


In This Episode You Will Discover:

  • The 2x3 Selling Method: How to double your sales in three steps!

  • Why it’s always a good idea to do an “Audit” of your Sales process, even if it is performing well!

  • First, you need to be clear about your audience’s problem. After you have highlighted and emotionalized the problem, then give them the solution. If you jump to giving out the solution right away, it creates selling resistance

  • People buy for two reasons: To elicit joy or to reduce pain. When marketing or developing a Sales Process, one should aim to evoke these emotional responses

  • How we tend to drive our marketing messages into an academic and logical process versus an emotional process, until we master the art of persuasion, selling and salesmanship

  • There are two types of people you are marketing to: One knows the problem exists and you need to give them the solution; The other doesn’t even know there’s a problem, so you have to educate them first, highlight the issue, before you give them the solution

  • Why you need to make you audience feel like you are talking directly to them by asking the right questions

  • If you mindfully connect with your audience and unwind their psychology, you will gain credibility and attract people who believe in what you believe.

And much more!


Hypnotic Selling by Joe Vitale

The Ultimate Sales Letter by Dan Kennedy

Billions on Netflix

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