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Episode 124 | The SELLING Of Big Government Socialism To We The People (Recast)

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This was our most important Episode of Sales Velocity TV and RADIO ever! The timing is important because we're nearing a huge mid term election here in the US in which Socialism is on the ballot for the first time in US History. You read that correctly. Andrew and Aaron went behind the scenes and detailed the inner workings of how Big Government Socialism is being SOLD quietly to "we the people" right before our eyes.

As Business Owners and Entrepreneurs, if we allow it to take hold, it will be a death blow to our businesses from a taxation and regulation stand point that, for many, will be unrecoverable. And the effects on our personal freedoms and liberties will be even worse. Very few see this Sales Machine steadily gaining steam. But we do. And we have for some time now. We went deep inside this movement and exposed the players and the tactics involved. NOT to be missed if you value freedom, choice, and autonomy -- ALL the reasons you became a Business Owner and Entrepreneur in the first place.


1) The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast with Tulsi Gabbard: A MUST listen to understand the inner workings of the NEW Socialist (formerly Democrat) regime from Democrat Presidential Candidate (2020), veteran and all around first-class woman who just left the party in disgust. And more important, the implications of "funding a war" that isn't our own. Interestingly, the truth appears vividly when one arrives on The Joe Rogan Experience, a refreshingly uncensored, unbiased media source with ZERO conflicts of interest.

2) The book, "Defeating Big Government Socialism" by Newt Gingrich. Don't let the fact that Newt is a long time Republican strategist fool you, this is a book about how WE THE PEOPLE can stop Socialism dead in its tracks. Socialist policies do not focus on outcomes that empower Americans to reach their full potential and stand on their own two feet. They only bring poverty and despair. As mentioned on the show, this is the first time in history that Socialism IS truly on the ballot. To pretend that the Biden Administration and the current Democrat party is NOT a Socialist regime would be as foolish as thinking gravity isn't a thing. Don't fall for it.

3) Inflation Reduction & “Green” Banking with Catherine Austin Fitts: Anytime you see Government "aggressively" involved in things they should never be involved in -- public health, medicine (as of late), gender, race, and most recently, climate change and environmental issues -- just know that right off the bat, it's most likely a great big sham and ridden with conflicts of interest. This podcast, hosted by one of the most talented investigative journalists of our time and one of the brightest financial minds of our time, two power ladies, goes deep behind the scenes to discuss the Inflation Reduction Act (that has nothing to do with inflation), the new changes to the IRS and how the act pushes America deeper into a "green" economy designed by billionaires and bankers for their benefit, not ours. This one is advanced. Go boldly.

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