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The Ultimate "All-IN-ONE" Sales Pipeline

Management & Marketing Automation Platform That Makes ALL Others Obsolete. And We Can Prove It!

No Other Software Platform Is This Complete


Unlimited Sales Pipelines

This is the core of PipelinePRO. You can create as many Sales Pipeline dashboards as you'd like so that you can SEE and TRACK your sales processes and sales funnels at all times.

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Opportunities & Sales Stages

Every lead you generate becomes a new Opportunity front and center in the PipelinePRO dashboard. This now becomes your big picture overview of how many leads are coming in and from what source. Once your leads are feeding into the PipelinePRO dashboard you can create as many Stages as you'd like so that you can SEE where they are at all times in the sales cycle while moving them from stage to stage accordingly.

Contact Manager

Every lead or prospect that comes into PipelinePRO is stored neatly with all the contact information intact for flawless management of the relationship from suspect to prospect to customer.


Unlimited Calendars

Your prospects or clients can now book calls or sessions right on your new PipelinePRO calendar dashboard. It functions EXACTLY the same as any outside calendar subscription service you may have. And the best part, the data is all in ONE place!

Advanced Analytics

The ability to track the ROI and leads in PipelinePRO is a game changer in the advanced dashboard. Track stats such as traffic and lead source, appointment rates and even response rates will sit right on your PipelinePRO dashboard.

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LIVE Chat Widget

A chat widget is a little box that you can install on the bottom corner of your website so that your visitors can get instant and fast support from you and your team, which makes it easier to connect with your customers in real time and make sales. This is a fabulous way to engage your website visitors and capture their info

Website & Funnel Builder

If you ever need to create a professional website that can collect leads and add them instantly into your PipelinePRO Dashboard, you can. There is a fully functional Website Builder inside. No need for fancy programming - just drag and drop!

This is a BIG ONE... Funnel builders can range from $50 per month to $300 per month these days. You now NO LONGER need any of them. There is a robust Sales Funnel Builder right inside your PipelinePRO dashboard and you get unlimited Funnels!

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Manage Your Entire Pipeline On The Mobile App!


Simply put, no other platform on the planet is this complete with second-to-none training and support to help you build your Sales Machine...

  • LIVE Weekly Training: Every week we host two LIVE training webinars to support our members, demo new features inside PipelinePRO and answer questions LIVE.

  • LIVE Chat: You can chat LIVE with a tech support representative right inside your PipelinePRO Dashboard during business hours to get your questions answered in real time!

  • Private Members Portal: As soon as you activate your Lifetime License to PipelinePRO you will be sent a login to the private members portal where you will activate your Dashboard, begin your set up, and get access to training and support.

  • Private Facebook Group: You'll get access to the PipelinePRO private Facebook Group for ongoing support and real time interaction. Its a great place to get a fast response and see how fellow PipelinePRO members are building their Sales Pipelines.

  • Video Tutorials: You'll get access to an ever-growing, top-notch Help Library of training videos on every aspect of PipelinePRO.

  • Support Ticket System: You can submit a support ticket anytime, from right inside your PipelinePRO Dashboard.

Why PipelinePRO?

  • A Complimentary "1-on-1" New Member Fast Start Session Included! After you activate your PipelinePRO license, you can book a FREE "1-on-1" 20-minute Fast Start Session with a PipelinePRO Business Advisor who will take the time to get to know you and your business, help you get PipelinePRO up and running as fast as possible, as well as answer any questions you may have (a $150 value!)

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