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"I built this company in the middle of the pandemic and have done about $500k in sales in the last 3 months using PipelinePRO to manage almost everything in my business. We're a company that does a bulk of our business via door to door marketing and appointment setting and we’ve created forms and calendar links for our marketing reps to seamlessly schedule appointments for sales reps and triggers to confirm the appointments. The automations have made a small business feel like a big time organization when it comes to customer experience and nurturing leads to the sale. Awesome trainings... Awesome community!!"


Marwyn Allen

"PipelinePro has been an amazing tool for me and my business. I have tried several CRM's in the past and none compares to the Quality, features and support you get with this CRM compared with the price. The weekly trainings are amazing, the knowledge base library is packed with tons of useful resources, the mobile app comes in very handy and everything you need to expand and maintain your business is all in one place. The support provided by Andrew and his team has been like nothing I've ever seen before; one on one discussions, fast response to emails, chats and text messages, it totally blew me away. It's no brain, get PipelinePRO NOW!!!"

Leslie Stoute

"My ROI is over 3x what annual cost of the marketing automation suite so far in 3 months.. I love the money that this is saving me!!!"


"I happily stumbled across PipelinePRO on a Facebook Ad and couldn't believe the functionality of the software and how affordable it was. I can honestly say the power and potentiality of the platform is beyond anything I have seen in the marketplace unless you want to pay thousands per month on having something custom made with the bigger players. Even then, the customer service experience is dirt poor. I really do think this system has the power to change the world of sales and marketing forever. Thank you to all the genius's at PipelinePRO! "


"I haven't been able to put down PipelinePRO because I'm so surprised at how much we are able to do. By using PipelinePRO, we have been able to cancel a few subsciptions already and we didn't have all the functionality that we have with PipelinePRO currently. We still have much to learn but PipelinePRO is definitely a system that we wished we had years ago."

Timothy Vincent 

" It literally replaces everything I was using before: Pipedrive, click funnels, calendly and more. Those 3 alone are $145 a month. This is unbelievable. Seriously. "


Jon Perez

" I’m just a couple of days in after launching our first campaign and actually seeing the dashboard in action. THIS IS AWESOME! Not only the automation but the metrics. Knowing what my landing page conversion rate is ! Plus, I got a 100% show rate on my appointments thus far thanks to the appt reminder campaign we put in place. Oh, and seeing the pipeline value is stirring up my inner Grant Cardone to go after this..."

Dean Hankey.jpeg

Dean Hankey

"I've seen This "PipeLine Pro" offer for almost a year and thought, 'that looks cool' and only finally jumped on board yesterday. I gotta say I am SUPER IMPRESSED & Excited! I've JUST started poking around for an hour or so today and daaaaang man, it's freekin' amazing! - I had NO Idea! I already have my Calendar Webpage Set Up and it's simple and snazzy all at the same time. I am SUPER EXCITED For The Massive Possibilities for This ongoing, On GROWING relationship (and recommendation) of/for Pipeline Pro! Thank YOU!"


Tim Kerley

"I purchased this yesterday, and after watching some of the training videos, I had to go back and make sure I didn't accidentally upgrade! Wow! I can't believe all I got for $27. It's insane! I'm so glad I pulled the trigger on this."


Crystal G. Cotton

“I just had to pop out here today and say how amazing I think Pipeline Pro is. I am admittedly “all over the place” in terms of truly defining my business model but everything I have tried to do or thought I needed to set up, Pipeline Pro has been able to accommodate. Whether it’s landing pages, or a way to take payments or schedule appointments and follow-up. Even when I was fed up with my Word Press install at Host Gator, I was able to quickly replace the page and have my website up in less than a day. I have been able to get support for everything I’ve needed through Pipeline Pro. Now I just need to get to work. Thanks so much Andrew J. Cass for making this available. Great job!”


"Go Pipeline Pro is an excellent piece of software that is making my life easier with leads management. Started with lead generation, I am now using it to upsell some other courses and workshops to my existing members. Thanks to the helpful team who offers several support options."