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Episode 11 | Education-Based Marketing: The Secret to Next-Level Growth

Updated: Apr 25, 2022


In This Episode You Will Discover:

  • Why leading with education and information allows you to tap into an additional 60% of your market that has a pain-point and does not realize it (see Diagram below).

  • THE inside secret on cutting through the noise to grab the attention of your ideal prospect.

  • If you can influence your prospect to make a micro-commitment with, it will be easier for them to get into a macro-commitment.

  • How a micro-commitment in the form of information and education, creates brand awareness, visibility and credibility.

  • When you lead with education, information and training, it positions you and your business at an expert/specialist level - very few are today!

  • How information you deploy for marketing purposes, can act as a mini Sales person for you, if it’s done the right way! We’ll show you how to do it in this Episode.

  • A breakdown of the many different ways to lead with education and information such as, free reports, training & demos and case studies.

  • How case studies help in establishing social proof and third party validation, and also humanizes your offer, which ultimately decreases selling resistance.

  • Why the most dangerous number in business is One : 1 way to sell, 1 form of lead generation, etc.


The Ultimate Sales Machine - Chet Holmes

Sales Velocity - Andrew Cass

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