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Episode 4 | The Truth About Sales Funnels

Updated: Apr 25, 2022


In This Episode You Will Discover:

  • Sales Funnels are often misunderstood, yet they are by far the most powerful component of any business

  • There’s a stark difference between a Sales Funnel and a Website. We break down the difference!

  • The “Infomercial” is a type of a Sales Funnel. We dissected how it works and how its been moved online for massive scale today

  • Sales Funnels are one absolute path, whereas a Website has multiple paths and serves more like an online brochure

  • Why both a Corporate Websites and Sales Funnels are important for a business - NOT one or the other, both!

  • Why the best Sales Funnels always lead with Information and Education first, not Products and Services first

  • Novice business owners are like hunters, they chase their prospects. Professional business owners are like fishermen, they lure their prospects. Big difference!

  • How a Sales Funnel frames and positions your business in a way that tremendously decreases selling resistance

  • How you can use Email as a mini-funnel of its own

  • Why Sales Funnels are the most predictable and stable customer acquisition process inside of a business

  • The most profitable Sales Funnels have a well structured frontend sales process AND backend sales process - NOT one or the other


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