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More LEADS. More SALES. More PROFITGuaranteed. 


"Achieve more in 6-weeks with us than you could in 6-months on your own."

"Aaron and Andrew helped me land my plane, laid the foundation for my business, built the funnels and automation, and helped me get my time back."

"X3 helped me create a complete Marketing package from start to finish."

"As advertised, I actually managed to do more in 6-weeks than I did in 6-months on my own, and had a successful product launch."

"Andrew and Aaron really know how to take you from the point where you know nothing to the point where everything in your business works! "

"Because of X3 Coaching I was able to get my lead cost down to a fraction of what it once was. To be able to see that come to fruition for myself and my agents is absolutely incredible. Thanks Andrew!"

"Andrew and Aaron have not held back, and helped me make the breakthrough I wanted, and they can certainly help you!"

"What I've gotten out of this so far is possibility - Understanding that your dreams and visions are possible and understanding how to work ON your business rather than IN your business!"

"The cool training put together by PipelinePRO has given us an edge over the competition and accelerated our growth.. We're very thankful!"


Joel Galston

"This is Joel from Alien Coupons Inc. I would just like to say I’m very happy I found Andrew and Aaron to assist me with the growth of my business. They compliment each other when it comes to training. In the past I would never have hired a consultant, but after my first meeting with Andrew, I didn’t even think twice about it, I knew that if I wanted to expand my business without the delay of a learning curve, they were the ones to get me there. I looked forward to group training every week to see what people were doing and if there was something I could learn from them. I highly recommend the private consulting as well as the weekly group mastermind sessions, it’s an incredible investment in your business."

"I got done more in the first 3 weeks than I did in the last whole year to transition from brick and mortar to being online."

“I can’t tell you how valuable having customised and personal guidance from Andrew and Aaron has been. I know the skills that i’m developing and the understanding of how to properly market myself online will be something that will last a lifetime.”

"This is by far the best investment I've ever made. Getting TWO Coaches/Advisors here, one who focuses on Funnels and the other on Traffic, you just can't beat that 1-2 punch. Thank you Andrew and Aaron!"

"Using the X3 Coaching Platform has allowed me to get much clearer on how to offer and present my information that is much more attractive to my audience!"

"If you have the opportunity to get into the X3 Coaching Group, I promise you, the value is priceless!"

"Thank you and I look forward to learning more from you about PipelinePRO!"

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Rick Kelly

Hey X3 Coaching! Rick Kelly From Pinnacle Retirement Inc. here. We help retirees to protect their portfolios, income and wealth against market loss so that they retire without financial worries and with complete comfort. Both the X3 private group coaching was extremely helpful in so many ways. First, helping me to clarify my services and audience was huge to help me spend my time and energy with the right audience. Then to take that info and put it inside the PLP tech platform using funnels, triggers, traffic, etc. is exciting. Can't wait to see the growth, efficiency and profits! In addition, the private and group coaching was really valuable. The guidance, being able to ask questions, listen to other's questions. get some hand holding and receive feedback made learning faster and easier than if I had tried on my own (which I had been doing over the past couple years plus). Building a lead gen and sales process within a tech platform seemed overwhelming, but going through the process in steps and with coaching really helped speed up the process. I obviously have more to do and learn, but feel that this is the beginning of much online and automated success. Thank you a ton X3!

The X3 Private Coaching Group is reserved for PipelinePRO members only at this time. For more information and to see the X3 Program Curriculum PDF, email:

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