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PipelinePRO has completely transformed the back end of Mathew's Fitness Business Model. Press play below to hear his story!

PipelinePRO took Pavel's agency into hyper-growth phase. Press play below to hear his story!

Kevin increased his productivity ten-fold and cut his costs in half by moving everything into the PipelinePRO All-In-One ecosystem. Press play below to hear his story!

Rebekah and Daniel turned $19 into $3,000 with ONE PipelinePRO tool! Press play below to hear their story!

James's roofing company did over $500k in revenue in less than 6- months because of the PipelinePRO platform. Press play below to hear his story!


"I built this company in the middle of the pandemic and have done about $500k in sales in the last 3 months using PipelinePRO to manage almost everything in my business. We're a company that does a bulk of our business via door to door marketing and appointment setting and we’ve created forms and calendar links for our marketing reps to seamlessly schedule appointments for sales reps and triggers to confirm the appointments. The automations have made a small business feel like a big time organization when it comes to customer experience and nurturing leads to the sale. Awesome trainings... Awesome community!!"


"I haven't been able to put down PipelinePRO because I'm so surprised at how much we are able to do. By using PipelinePRO, we have been able to cancel a few subsciptions already and we didn't have all the functionality that we have with PipelinePRO currently. We still have much to learn but PipelinePRO is definitely a system that we wished we had years ago."


"I happily stumbled across PipelinePRO on a Facebook Ad and couldn't believe the functionality of the software and how affordable it was. I can honestly say the power and potentiality of the platform is beyond anything I have seen in the marketplace unless you want to pay thousands per month on having something custom made with the bigger players. Even then, the customer service experience is dirt poor. I really do think this system has the power to change the world of sales and marketing forever. Thank you to all the genius's at PipelinePRO! "


Leslie Stoute

"My ROI is over 3x what annual cost of the marketing automation suite so far in 3 months.. I love the money that this is saving me!!!"


Timothy Vincent 

" It literally replaces everything I was using before: Pipedrive, click funnels, calendly and more. Those 3 alone are $145 a month. This is unbelievable. Seriously. "


Marwyn Allen

"PipelinePro has been an amazing tool for me and my business. I have tried several CRM's in the past and none compares to the Quality, features and support you get with this CRM compared with the price. The weekly trainings are amazing, the knowledge base library is packed with tons of useful resources, the mobile app comes in very handy and everything you need to expand and maintain your business is all in one place. The support provided by Andrew and his team has been like nothing I've ever seen before; one on one discussions, fast response to emails, chats and text messages, it totally blew me away. It's no brain, get PipelinePRO NOW!!!"


Jon Perez

" I’m just a couple of days in after launching our first campaign and actually seeing the dashboard in action. THIS IS AWESOME! Not only the automation but the metrics. Knowing what my landing page conversion rate is ! Plus, I got a 100% show rate on my appointments thus far thanks to the appt reminder campaign we put in place. Oh, and seeing the pipeline value is stirring up my inner Grant Cardone to go after this..."

Dean Hankey.jpeg

Dean Hankey

"I've seen This "PipeLine Pro" offer for almost a year and thought, 'that looks cool' and only finally jumped on board yesterday. I gotta say I am SUPER IMPRESSED & Excited! I've JUST started poking around for an hour or so today and daaaaang man, it's freekin' amazing! - I had NO Idea! I already have my Calendar Webpage Set Up and it's simple and snazzy all at the same time. I am SUPER EXCITED For The Massive Possibilities for This ongoing, On GROWING relationship (and recommendation) of/for Pipeline Pro! Thank YOU!"


Tim Kerley

"I purchased this yesterday, and after watching some of the training videos, I had to go back and make sure I didn't accidentally upgrade! Wow! I can't believe all I got for $27. It's insane! I'm so glad I pulled the trigger on this."


Crystal G. Cotton

“I just had to pop out here today and say how amazing I think Pipeline Pro is. I am admittedly “all over the place” in terms of truly defining my business model but everything I have tried to do or thought I needed to set up, Pipeline Pro has been able to accommodate. Whether it’s landing pages, or a way to take payments or schedule appointments and follow-up. Even when I was fed up with my Word Press install at Host Gator, I was able to quickly replace the page and have my website up in less than a day. I have been able to get support for everything I’ve needed through Pipeline Pro. Now I just need to get to work. Thanks so much Andrew J. Cass for making this available. Great job!”


"Go Pipeline Pro is an excellent piece of software that is making my life easier with leads management. Started with lead generation, I am now using it to upsell some other courses and workshops to my existing members. Thanks to the helpful team who offers several support options." 

Jonas Mitchell.jpg

"So, this system is called “Pipeline Pro” because you have to understand every single step in your process and connect each piece one-by-one… If you weren’t great at sales, this system will make you great (seeing as how sales is just understanding every step of a solution, aligning with the client, and walking them through it) You genius little devils you. This system is amazing and will definitely be a major player over the next few years. Great job!"


"Pipeline Pro is hands down the best platform for a professional business that wants to stay in business for the next few decades.."

2021-10-13, 1_42_43 AM.jpg

"I have been in this program for about 2 weeks and it is seriously the best tool I have come across. Not only does pipeline pro rock my e-comm world the customer service has been amazing! I really want to be as good as you guys someday when it comes to taking care of my business!! Thank you for creating such an amazing tool, guides, and being an example of professionalism!! I am so excited!!"


"What an incredible software. I am thankful for you and your must have software! It has changed my business. Thank you."


"So Happy I made this investment into my business! Sales Tracking Pipeline, Unlimited Calendar, Funnel & Website builder, Chat Widget - NO MONTHLY FEES? As a growing brand and business saving costs is huge for the growth process. Not to mention COMPLETE SALES TRAINING with Sales Velocity...I've spent more on a Movie at the theaters"

instadp_harkonajala_full_size (1).jpg

PipelinePRO is amazing. I replaced 5 separate services with it and run my entire Forensic Crytocurrency coaching/ consulting business with it for $147 bucks a month. Its unbelievable. Bravo my guys!
Apart from that the fabled X3 has arrived, now I can get the most efficient workout available in 10-15 mins. Shout out to my guy, the legendary Andrew J. Cass and Aaron Parkinson for giving me PipelinePRO, (which is revolutionary level) You guys are batting a 1000 bros!

Image from iOS (5).png

I have been a subscriber for 2 years now. PipelinePro is for real so fun and the best! :)


I love this system very much! It is helping me tremendously with tracking of my clients and leads.

Thank you so much for your awesome support!


"This software is POWERFUL! I've learned so much in my one year plus of being here. Conversations and using texts in my Workflows is one of my favorite features. I love being part of the development of this software and how much you listen to us and keep improving. This transition is something I always needed.. I LOVE IT!!! Thank you Pipeline team for all your hard work! I'm about 1.5 years in and keep learning so much!"

instadp_theexercisehabitcoach_full_size (1).jpg

PipelinePRO is the best software ever! :)

Even better than the Lead Pages.


PipelinePRO is an amazing product. Ive been loving this. Thank you so much for this!


My website looks amazing, thanks to PipelinePRO. Better than anything i could have done. Its everything I wanted (and needed). PipelinePRO did a terrific job putting it toghether. They even took some of my ideas and incorporated them. I absolutely love it! 


PipelinePRO is a proper game changer. It integrates with a lot of other sites and its easier to connect. PipelinePRO shows real stats and figures so I know what coming in percentages and close rates.

123369346_10164385010310076_420595395912951832_n (1).jpg

Started using it and it's by far the best thing you'll ever find for your business. They even have a Facebook Group for support and newly added features each week. 

image (2).png

I love this platform! I used to use a whole a lot of other platforms and it was costing me a lot. Now I have all of that in PipelinePro for much less and the support I get from it is immediate and amazing. It's super easy to use and very organized. 


This product is simply AMAZING! We just started using it and it is TRULY user friendly. They have short training videos for each piece of the software. Also, I just canceled 3 different softwares saving over 500!!! Support is on point as well. No I don’t know or work for them. Just sharing my experience!


I have used it for 3 months now, You could do anything you like, your website, CRM, calendar, funnel, surveys, you even can connect it to your Facebook and google my business, ask for reviews, set up automatic messages to your customers, it worth any single penny you pay. 


It took me some time to really understand the system, because I was new to this idea of automation (and CRMs in general). That's a me problem, but they have great help files. And having added the membership suite and the outbound marketing, it's still less expensive than solutions I'd been trying to cobble together for the last couple years, but in this case, it all works together, and that time I'm saving is worth a ton. The website builder alone is worth the price for the lifetime license. I can purchase a domain and throw together a simple one page site for a new project in 10 minutes and have it running without any drama. The calendaring/appointment setting is worth the price too - most of the calendar systems out there charge almost as much as the current lifetime license for Pipeline Pro.


Absolutely LOVE Pipeline Pro! Modified an existing work flow template, sent a text message to about 200 former clients that I have had little if any interaction with due to limitations of previous CRM software. Got 90+ % response, reactivated several clients, and I am in no way proficient yet. The possibilities are CRAZY exciting!!


I joined yesterday, and entered the learning curve immediately. I have completed a fully operation lead form for new clients, and I have nearly finished building my sales funnel. Best investment in the Lifetime License, and will be retaining the Marketing Suite add on. Thank you Pipeline PRO!!


I’m new to this system and it’s a learning curve to get it going, but I’ve done fantastic things in month one and I see how this may be how I build an empire 💯❤️💎


I like it. As I grow my on-line business, I will be purchasing their add-on modules. I think they have a good system, priced appropriately.


Excellent platform. It kills me to let anyone else know how good it really is. Hubspot and sales force are clunky dinosaurs in comparison. Quickly setup pipeline that keep leads flowing, outbound marketing leading to conversions.

217726701_10158448615685028_4607418682854897553_n (1).jpg

I have been using PipelinePRO for a few years now, only on the lifetime membership and I absolutely love it!

Cameron Roe DC.jpeg

Had my marketing employee take a look at PipelinePRO. After she researched it she determined that we could eliminate 3 programs that I have been paying a monthly subscription to for years! PipelinePRO saved me at least $600 per month.

Jesse Black.jpg

Been using this for about a month. It's freaking amazing. I replaced 4 monthly subscription software with this ONE. The features on this one are even better, what I was looking for. This is exactly what I was looking for, for my business. I built an appointment funnel and got 8 appts booked in the first day. This will really ramp up my business. I'm excited!

Marli Klaus.jpg

Super happy I joined. The platform is identical to the funnel site I’m moving from so it’s super easy for me to work with, already being familiar with it. I will eventually need the membership and course area but not now, so the monthly savings is amazing!


Thank you so much for always helping us out. We appreciate the excellent customer service we experienced at PipelinePRO during these past 2 years.Wishing you all a healthy and prosperous 2023!

Gabriel Espejo.jpeg

I have used it for 3 months now, You could do anything you like, your website, CRM, calendar, funnel, surveys, you even can connect it to your Facebook and Google business,ask for reviews, set up automatic messages to your customers... it is worth every single penny you pay!

Katie Fry.jpeg

Working my way through training and doing my buildout this week! Saving me SOOOOOO much money!


I have PipelinePRO. Well worth every penny with any upgrades. Customer service is A+. I'm telling you SWITCH!! I do NOT work for PipelinePRO.


If you don't have a funnel yet I highly recommend it.

The technology is a game changer for sure 🚀

Davod Gowans.jpg

Go ahead and laugh. I’ve got more leads from this $37 in 30 days than everything else I’ve paid for the last 5 years combined. True story

James Brown.jpg

Honestly it's a good system. Bought the $37 version. Was fairly easy to get the chat widget working on my website. Now when someone messages me, it appears in my contacts on the app.

Jason Whigham.jpg

I use the platform for almost a year and it has saved me a ton and the customer support is stellar! I highly recommend this product!


It is everything all in one place. Email automations, social media, landing page, calendar and probably more I am not even using right now...the help and training is PHENOMENAL. The way it is laid out makes it easy to get the help you need without leaving the page. It is thorough. I have been able to get rid of 4 programs that is all now wrapped into one.

I have been using PipelinePRO for a few years now, only on the lifetime membership and I absolutely love it. It’s shocking to me that people will bash a great product at a phenomenal price point because “it has add-ons.” That’s a poor mindset problem. They are called add-ons so you can add them on if you need them. A lifetime membership for a stellar CRM+site/funnel build for less that a weeks worth of coffee, you can’t beat it!

Screen Shot 2023-05-16 at 1.37_edited.jpg

Been using this software for a few months now. It's so feature packed that it's replaced about 4 or 5 other tools we used. Email marketing, SMS, Calling, Calendar booking (with payment link) and of course the FUNNEL Builder. It really has centralised a lot of our processes and become a key component in our marketing and even some of our service fulfillment. One of the best investments I've made in a SaaS. You'd be hard pressed to find anything with as much value under one roof at that price.


Been using this for almost two years love it. Best investment ever!


I like it. As I grow my on-line business, I will be purchasing their add-on modules. I think they have a good system, priced appropriately.


Just watched almost all your demos on your demo page! Everything you have done is great!


My wife and I use PipelinePRO. I have launched multiple funnels on my website giving us leads and sales!


Actually really love PipelinePRO's Email Campaigns. Allows for a lot of creativity and for you to be as simple or complex as you want.

Pipeline Pro has saved me money. I cxld Click Funnels, Calendly, Hootsuite just to name a few. I also cxld my web builder with GoDaddy! I can do everything I need in one single dashboard. I have automated my business saving me what would have cost one additional employee. Simple, easy to use, I believe it in so much I became a Certified Partner! Seriously, this is the real deal. And, Amher is a ROCKSTAR!


My overall experience has been exceptional and I would definitely recommend all business owners who want to automate their businesses to take a look at this.

"A coming of age product"


Craig Tomanini

I love this platform and the company is amazing. Grateful for all the support so far. When I add staff to my team the overall ease of this is so easy. We have found ways to use all the features this tool offers. Highly recommended 👌

"Certified Amazing"


This has been a game changer for my business. It all starts with the owners and their integrity. It trickles down to all of their team and into the details of what they offer in the software.

There are so many features packed into this CRM. I am so grateful I found it.

"Your business will stand out at the top with PipelinePRO"

I love this system. I would have not made the fortune I have if it was not for the automation this system allows. I can schedule text messages and emails to remind a potential client to get started right away.

This system allows for consistent follow up and I never forget a task. Between the app on my phone, computer and laptop. I never miss a call, text or email because it is all in one place.

" I became Follow-up Queen!"

PelinePRO was the answer I didn't know I needed that came before I thought I was ready! It took all my concerns and gave me a solution I could see! It was important to me to be able to nourish and care for the people that come to my community and have the brain space and time to focus on my family. This is amazing!!

"I love that I have software that can do it all and a team there behind me if I ever need some help."

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